KeyPoint offers the most effective credit repair service available anywhere! We want to thank you for choosing our team for your needs in credit restoration. We use aggressive strategies and conventional dispute methods to ensure maximum results in restoring your credit. We can improve your credit rating as quickly as possible in four easy steps. If you would like to know more about KeyPoint and the services that we offer, please continue reading below.

At KeyPoint, we have been helping customers with various credit repair education needs and credit restoration issues since 2010. Our business is focused on helping clients achieve their highest possible credit scores by providing hands-on, individualized counseling to every client. We focus our expertise and knowledge that comes with a credit repair company staffed with over 50+ years of combined experience in the credit repair service and finance industry. Clients talking about KeyPoint will tell you about our credibility and ability to turn people’s lives around.


  • We are a licensed credit repair service company, thereby; you can have the confidence that KeyPoint is the real deal when it comes to credit repair service.
  • We at KeyPoint take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to the services of credit repair, credit education, and credit restoration.
  • We get results, as we have taken credit restoration to a whole new level with our state-of-the-art software. We keep you fully apprised of your complete progress status with all three credit bureaus. Our program is designed to allow you to sit back and let us take care of the whole process. You can sleep soundly, knowing that you are on your way to financial recovery.
  • We are here to help protect your legal rights as governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Everything we do is legal and legitimate; there are no hidden charges or secret transactions that could get you in hot water later on.
  • At KeyPoint, we operate our credit repair service nationally. We can transact with you and your creditors, wherever they are.
  • We offer a Risk-Free Guarantee full-service warranty, thereby, you can get started with complete confidence.

If you wish to learn more about KeyPoint, feel free to visit our FAQ page or contact us with any inquiries. We hope to be your provider of choice for credit repair and monitoring services.