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by Rick Sanchez from San Francisco, CA on Testimonials

I work in the mortgage industry and I have had many clients utilize KeyPoint to address their credit related issues/problems. KeyPoint has done a fantastic job for my clients and has resolved major issues that were preventing them from mortgage financing. They were very professional, knowledgeable and got things done quickly. Highly recommended and I feel very fortunate for the wonderful job they do.

by Shane from Mariatta, GA on Testimonials

First of all I am not one to ever write reviews; however, Priyesh and KeyPoint deserve ten stars. Priyesh is an honest man and someone I had the pleasure to work with. With his help I was able to delete a very difficult charge off from a private student loan that was incorrectly placed on my record plus other issues he helped with. The process took six months. Trust me patience is the key. Let him work his magic and don't give up after receiving the first denial letter. My scores are all above 750 now and continue to go up. I highly recommend his services. For those complaining of the price stop. Please stop. It is worth every penny for the peace of mind of knowing your credit is excellent and you will never be denied a car, home loan or a job.

Priyesh continues to be excellent at what he does and has helped me and my wife on two occasions both times with excellent results. I recommend Priyesh to everyone I know.

by John from West Palm Beach, FL on Testimonials

I recently started working with KeyPoint and I am already SO happy that I did! They are working hard and have already made a positive impact on my credit report. They helped remove negative items from my credit report that shouldn't have been there. This directly caused an increase in my credit score! I called their customer support line the other day and they were easy to talk to, the female rep was VERY friendly and easy to understand, and in a country full of terrible customer service, KeyPoint customer service definitely gets an A+! The price they ask for their services is more than fair. I am very pleased with the service that I have received so far from KeyPoint and I will definitely recommend them to my friends & family.

by Bob from Manhattan, New York on Testimonials

I was trying to buy a car, but my credit was shoot. A friend told me about KeyPoint and I'm glad I tried them out. Took my scores up about 200 points in the first month or so and my credit still continues to get better. Long story short I have my truck and the payment I can afford thanks to KeyPoint.

by Kayla from Seattle, WA on Testimonials

I highly recommend this organization. Within 60 days of employing them to help with some derogatory items on my credit reports, they successfully disputed all 5 items (between the 3 main agencies) and were successful in having them removed! I am delighted with their results and attribute their success to their depth and expertise in an area where I had been unsuccessful on my own. I now have credit scores in the 750’s and am pleased to be back on track thanks to their assistance.

by Peter R. from Sandpoint, ID on Testimonials

458 credit score to a 670 credit score in 3 months! No, that's not a wild dream. That's what Priyesh did for us.

Thanks to the new credit score we were able to get a new job!! We were also able to open a new checking and savings account package for direct deposit. We also were approved for an unsecured credit card with a 15k revolving line! We literally have a new lease on life and it's all thanks to Priyesh.

We expect the score to be about 720 soon and climbing. Priyesh did the heavy lifting removing negative marks that were drowning the score. He also provided financial advice and tips for bolstering the score quickly. The combination of the two tactics resulted in a 250+ point jump in our credit score almost immediately.

We received the highest level of attentive and proactive service. Priyesh embodies professionalism, maintains confidentiality, and you can feel he has a genuine interest in he's clients' wellbeing. Thank you, Priyesh! You helped us have a new, better life now and for years to come.

by Jian W. from Lynnwood, WA on Testimonials

I was reviewing my credit report for the 1st time. And saw couple negative items that damaged my credit score big time. Score dropped to 520 which is bad in my option. There were few items that did not belong to me at all. For example:
5 charge-offs, 3 Collections, 1 Judgement. Anyways, long story short I ran into Keypoint Credit Services LLC. They worked on cleaning up all the negative items that did not belong to me. They also cleared and removed both soft and hard inquires as well. They showed all the key areas of my credit report that I needed to know in order to understand the scenario behind the report.

I tried their new Rapid Rescore service. That got the results in less than 30 days better yet more like 15 days. I was so surprised and happy when I got the results back. By getting a new credit report mailed to my home after all the work that they completed at KeyPoint. Best of all now my score has jumped from 520 to 850! Just for added protection I also signed up for their IDT Protection program as well. Just for that total peace of mind.

by Akshay P. from Fremont, CA on Testimonials

I just want to thank KeyPoint for getting me approved for a credit card and a new car. My credit score prior to enrolling was 580 and now after 2 months is 750. I haven't been approved for a credit card in years until now. Also one week later I was able to walk into the dealership and get a brand new 2017 BMW with 0 down. So blessed and fortunate that I found a company that helps people. Thank you KeyPoint for everything u have been a true blessing for me and my family.