Identity Theft Protection Service

If you receive a credit card statement containing an unusually large transaction, you might be a victim of identity theft. The rise of online payments has made things convenient for consumers. However, it has spawned a billion-dollar black market for transactions using stolen personal information. An identity theft monitoring service, such as that from KeyPoint, keeps identity thieves from accessing your consumer credit files and using your data for their own gain.

Protecting your identity and personal information is one of the most important parts of credit protection. Once your records are compromised, there is very little you could do to stop a thief from doing as he pleases. Unsecured records can have an impact that goes beyond your credit score – it could expose you to all sorts of inconveniences, from unwanted pre-approved credit card junk mail to unscrupulous characters posing as you online and causing irreparable damage to the name that you’ve struggled to build for yourself. Therefore, even if you don’t feel you are in a position where your information could be compromised, identity fraud protection is a necessity in today’s inter-connected world.

KeyPoint has partnered with LifeLock and Kroll to provide you with the best protection from identity theft and fraud. LifeLock restricts access to your files, preventing thieves from using them. Kroll is a global risk consulting and investigation firm that uncovers threats before they happen. Together, our credit protection services and identity credit monitoring systems give you a sense of security that will let you sleep soundly at night.

To monitor identity theft, we constantly scour the Internet for attempts to use your name, date of birth, and Social Security Number, and alert you as soon as we see them being used without your knowledge. We take identity theft protection very seriously and thus, also assist you with notifying credit reporting agencies about potential fraud.

As part of our advocacy of a more secure world for its clients, we advise you about the latest scams and schemes. As one of the best identity theft protection companies, we also teach you how to read your credit report and how to identify suspicious activity. Once you sign us up as your identity theft protection agency, you will soon find that you get less and less junk mail from credit card companies.

You have an obligation to protect yourself and your loved ones at all times. KeyPoint is committed to helping you keep your data secure, day in and day out.