Credit Monitoring

With banks and other financial institutions keeping close tabs on your credit rating, maybe it’s about time you become aware of how you stand too. KeyPoint offers a full suite of credit monitoring services. We understand that you might not have the time to check on the status of your loans, credit cards, and bank accounts all the time, so we perform it for you and give you access to your credit history on a regular basis. Aside from credit report monitoring, we track how you use your personal information on things such as online purchases that use your credit cards. We constantly check for malicious attempts to use that information and guard against the misuse of that personal information.

A competent credit rating monitor, such as KeyPoint , is committed not just to providing complete reports; it also assists its clients with disputes regarding transaction attempts or completed transactions that they deem suspicious. This makes us one of the rare credit monitoring companies that go the extra mile to protect our clients. We monitor up to ten credit card accounts and ten bank accounts, as any transaction made using them will have an effect on your credit score.

Such services are usually available from one of the three consumer reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) once a year; KeyPoint provides reports from all three. Your credit reports will contain the following: creditor names and addresses, loan details, amount and schedule of payments made, and credit limits. With such a large amount of data to sift through, keeping yourself aware of your credit standing can be such a daunting task. We alert you to activity such as credit inquiries, delinquent payments, new accounts, derogatory records, changes in employment details, and court appearances (if any), all of which could have an impact on your credit rating.

Surprisingly, the act of viewing your credit could affect your score and inquiry records too. Our credit monitoring service offers you a way to keep yourself updated without the effects mentioned above. You can view quarterly credit scores, track changes to your accounts, and identify factors that could potentially affect your rating. Because credit reporting agencies sometimes have different scores for you, KeyPoint also allows you to check for discrepancies in the records and helps you in rectifying these errors.

KeyPoint‘s credit report monitoring services are valuable tools in protecting yourself, your family, or your company. Let KeyPoint become your partner in improving and maintaining a good credit score.