Do I Need a Lawyer to Get My Credit Fixed?

Credit reporting mistakes dramatically lower your credit score. We all know what a nightmare that can be.

It is common to hear frustrating stories of people struggling to correct the discrepancies in their credit reports. According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study, there was an error in the credit reports from at least one of the three major credit report agencies for nearly 5% of the consumers in the U.S.

A certified credit repair attorney may save you a lot of trouble during these kinds of situations.

Basics Of Credit Repairbad-credit

When there are reporting errors made by credit scoring agencies, they need to be corrected promptly.

This process is called credit repair. The purpose of a credit repair service is to provide you with a clean slate and to improve your score.

What Does A Credit Repair Lawyer Do?

The list of duties your credit repair lawyer has to carry out includes but is not limited to:

  1. Negotiating with credit reporting agencies to correct negative items from your credit report, or remove them altogether.
  2. Making settlement negotiations with your list of creditors and suppliers
  3. Representing you in the court of law on the occasion that a creditor sues you
  4. Reviewing your credit reports to analyze ways to improve your score

Do You Really Need One?

The short answer is yes, you do.

Carrying out the task of a credit repair lawyer is no easy feat. While it is possible to do all those activities yourself, it is strongly ill-advised.

Why exhaust yourself, spend hours making phone calls, sending correspondences to credit bureaus if you can simply hire a professional to do it for you?

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

How To Avoid Credit Repair Scams

There is nothing more awful than being an unwilling victim of a credit fraud. Sadly, it happens more often than you would wish. Consumers should keep their eyes out for some of the warning signs like:

  • Upfront payment demands
  • Creation of new ‘credit identities’
  • Vague information about your legal consumer rights
  • Advice to omit information on a loan or credit application

To educate yourself about the very real issue of credit repair scams, follow the link!

(How to Recognize a Credit Repair Scam: Watch Out For These 6 Warning Signs!)


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