6 Top States with Most Identity Theft Incidents

Identity Theft Incidents in the United States

Identity theft continues to be a massive threat to the United States of America. According to some estimates, the incidences of identity theft in the country rose from 246,214 in 2006 to 399,225 in 2016.

The risk of identity theft has increased as large amounts of personal data are shared on the Internet. Some of the most common cases of frauds included imposter scams. For instance, scammers claimed to be a loved one stuck abroad to get money or criminals posed as Government officials to get crucial information.

There have been complaints of fraud and identity thefts throughout the country, but some states have been hit by the affliction more than others.

Here are 6 states with the most number of identity theft incidents in the United States:



Michigan, a state located in the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of the country, has a very high rate of identity theft incidences. Some estimates suggest that around 176 of 100,000 residents in the state complained about identity thefts.

The average amount lost due of ID theft was about $6,246 and the average amount lost as a result of fraudulent activities was $828.


Georgia is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. With $10,365 lost due to ID theft and $949 due to fraud, the situation does not seem to be good in Georgia.

However, it should be mentioned that out of many states, Georgia’s policies are doing a better prohibiting job.


When it comes to identity theft and fraud rates, perhaps the sunshine state is not as sunny after all.

With $5,892 lost in identity theft and $1,078 lost as a result of fraudulent activities, Florida is quite vulnerable to the crime.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., formerly the District of Columbia, is also not safe when it comes to identity theft. The capital lost a whopping average amount of $4,555 as a result of ID theft and an average amount of $526 as a result of fraud.

Having said that, Washington, D.C. has acquired very rigorous and strict policies for identification proof in sensitive places, like Federal facilities, nuclear plants, etc.

Rhode Island

Although smallest in the area, Rhode Island is a much bigger identity theft problem. The average amount lost as a result of ID theft was $16,222; whereas the average amount lost due to fraud was $905.


California tops the list for the most identity theft and fraud cases in the United States. Losses as a result of ID theft amounted to $17,094 and losses as a result of fraud reached $1,348 in the golden state.

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